Five Psychological Implications to the Baby When Birth is Disturbed


This pervasive developmental disorder is said to begin in the prenatal period. Birth complications are higher among this population than with those who do not have autism. Deep forceps delivery and labor inductions are at higher risk factors for autism.

Depression and suicide

If resuscitation, asphyxiation, and medical birth trauma was present, individual’s have a higher suicide rate and typically commit the act of suicide in a similar way in which they experienced trauma at their birth. Men who have experienced birth trauma are more likely to commit suicide violently. Women and men are equally at risk if the mother used opiate analgesics during labor.


There is a high risk for this disorder to develop during birth. Being born prematurely, having cephalhematoma (blood under newborns scalp), and the use of forceps or vacuums to deliver, increased the likelihood of this disorder.

Ability to love oneself and others

This process can be delayed or completely diminished in a disturbed birth. The lack of instant contact with mother, the feelings of neglect or abandonment all can create a risk for self-destructive behaviors. Drug addiction and behavioral problems are also closely related to one’s experience of their birth.

Juvenile crimes

This can be associated with complicated births and early separation or rejection from mother. However, the separation and rejection alone did not cause this psychological implication, it was the combination of the birth trauma with the separation that caused the risk factor.

© Drew Starr, 2011

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