Pro’s and Con’s of Prenatal Stimulation

Pro’s of Prenatal Stimulation

Control and experimental groups, systematic observations and measurements, and batteries of psychological tests have shown beneficial results of prenatal stimulation. This enrichment helps to create affection and communication between the mother and her fetus.

Enriched or stimulated babies display:

  • Superior fine and gross motor skills
  • Earlier speech and language development
  • Earlier smiling
  • Greater contentment after birth
  • Superior visual and auditory perception
  • Coordination
  • Increased cognitive development
  • Parents can discover their whole baby; mind, body and spirit
  • Parenting begins before birth, during conception and pregnancy

Con’s of Prenatal Stimulation

  • Prenatal stimulation and bonding are not yet scientifically or publicly recognized
  • The enrichment that these fetuses are experiencing is more because of the recognition of the fetus by the parents as a receptive, present being, rather than the stimulation itself.
  • Suggest that experts know what is best for every mother and baby rather than the mother knowing what is best for herself and her baby.
  • Creates a stigma that we need a new and improved baby
  • Possibly disturbs the normal fetal growth process
  • Betrays the oneness of mother and baby
  • Portrays a message that the baby and mother are not good enough, are needing to be fixed, or have to accomplish something to be worthy of love.
  • The mother could believe that she is not good enough to provide for her child.
  • Love and essential communication between mother and her fetus are not at the forefront during this type of structured prenatal stimulation
© Drew Starr, 2011
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