Why Birth Matters


The importance of how we are born and how we birth our children is a key component in prenatal and perinatal psychology. These early experiences help shape us as humans. Having a gentle birth allows for the best start for mother and baby; but also for humanity. Programs such as the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative – (Coalition for Improving Maternity Services), The World Health Organizations Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative – (WHO), and Baby Friendly USA – (Baby Friendly USA) have begun to implement the much needed preventions and evidence based measures to help mothers have healthier births. Preventing unnecessary medical or other  birth related trauma essential. How you were born and raised plays a large role in how we birth and raise our future children. It takes more than just awareness of the issue, it takes action and understanding to change policies and archaic methods that no longer benefit us as a society.

Here are a few videos from YouTube that touch on the importance of birth.

Midwives Know Birth Matters – YouTube Video

Birth Matters – A Song About a Very Important Event

Ina May Gaskin on Birth Matters: A Midwife’s Manifesta


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