Child Prodigies: A Unique Form of Autism?


A study of eight child prodigies suggests a significant link between their special abilities and autism.

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Biggest Baby Boom in 40 Years Leaves NHS Maternity Wards and Midwives Battling to Cope


Nursing leaders have warned that NHS maternity wards and midwives are to struggling to cope with the sheer amount of babies being born

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Babies’ Non-Verbal Communication Skills Can Help Predict Outcomes in Children at High Risk of Developing Autism


“Babies’ non-verbal communication skills can help predict outcomes in children at high risk of developing autism October 1, 2012 in Autism spectrum disorders Approximately 19 percent of children with a sibling diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) will develop Autism due to shared genetic and environmental vulnerabilities, according to previous studies.”

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When Children’s Tantrums Indicate More Serious Issues


Aggressive tantrums, are unusual and could signal a larger problem.So, as a parent, how do you know if your children’s tantrums indicate mental illness?

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Oxytocin Improves Brain Function in Children with Autism


(Credit: Image courtesy of Yale University)

"Our findings provide the first, critical steps toward devising more effective treatments for the core social deficits in autism, which may involve a combination of clinical interventions with an administration of oxytocin," said Gordon. "Such a treatment approach will fundamentally improve our understanding of autism and its treatment."

Other authors on the study include Randi H. Bennett, Brent C. vander Wyk, James F. Leckman, and Ruth Feldman.

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Maternal Obesity, Diabetes Linked to Autism and Other Disabilities

Maternal Obesity, Diabetes Linked to Autism, Other Disability

A provocative new study discovers a strong relationship between maternal obesity and diabetes, and the likelihood of having a child with autism or another developmental disability.

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Research Proposes Common Link Between Autism and Diabetes

October 19, 2011 (Rice University) — Study implicates hyperinsulinemia in increased incidence of autism.

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