Bonding and Attachment Difficulties


Infant Bonding And Attachment: Frequent Overnights With Non-Resident Parent Leads To Insecurity

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Very Preterm Babies Show

Bonding Difficulties Despite Parental Sensitivity

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Mothers Love

Divorce Hits Youngest Kids the Hardest,

Study Finds

“Divorce may be worse for parent-child bonding if parents split when kids are young, new research suggests.”

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Why Children Develop Better if They Don’t Always Tell the Truth

can't keep a Secret

"It only takes one little white lie that works in order for the child to realize that he possesses something very precious: his own personality, identity, and privacy, to which not even his parents can get access," says Castro. Escaping punishment through lying or not telling the truth leads to freedom and defiance.”

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Giving Birth in Hospital Raises Risk of New Mothers Bleeding to Death


“Women who choose to give birth at home are less likely to suffer from life-threatening bleeding than those who have their baby in hospital, a study has found.”

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American Pregnancy Association – Home Birth

Woman’s Labor Shows Positives of Home Birth


“Editor’s note: Poughkeepsie Journal multimedia artist Chrissie Williams shares what led her to explore childbirth and inspired her yearlong video project into the lives of women who choose to give birth at home.”

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Children of Depressed Mothers Learn Language Differently

An infant playing with a letter toy.

“While postpartum depression is a well known medical issue, few are aware of its flip-side: a condition known as "prenatal depression." Also referred to as maternal depression, this problem may be even more widely spread than the postpartum one, and can have profound impact on developing infants.” Article Link

Maternal Separation Stresses the Baby, Research Finds


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