Postpartum Depression and Mental Health Support


“This Emotional Life”: Postpartum Depression

“Bonding is a process, not a finite event”

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Mental Health Support for Pregnant Women & New Mothers is Not Good Enough, Report Says

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10 Ways to Cope with Postpartum Depression

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More on Postpartum Depression

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Protecting Our Children’s Mental Health


May 6th-9th was National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week, which is meant to increase awareness about the importance of children’s mental health and reinforce the belief that every child deserves to experience joy, have high self-esteem, make friends, and believe that he or she can succeed.

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Irritable Babies With Secure Attachment

Children with difficult temperaments are often the most affected by the quality of their relationships with their caregivers. New research suggests that highly irritable children who have secure attachments to their mothers are more likely to get along well with others than those who aren’t securely attached.

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